Josh Benton

Owner, Software Developer

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in computer science in 2016, Josh began a career in software engineering. He narrowed his focus to trading automation and tackling the challenge of proper order and error handling of automated systems after discovering the technical barriers that prevent traders from fully materializing their trading concepts. In 2019 he began offering programming services to share this expertise and meet the industry’s need for access to deployment-ready strategy code.

Josh is a real marksman and prominent expert in his field.

Carlos D.

Ákos Beöthe

Software Developer

Ákos first began creating automated strategies in 2004. He has worked for numerous trading firms over his 20-year software engineering career, producing a wide variety of software solutions that depend on fast and reliable execution. Ákos focuses on solving trading automation problems and joined Strategy Coding to equip traders with the technical capabilities and dedicated support they need to fully harness the power of automated trading.