Strategy coding done the right way.

Experience the advantage of pre-tested code.

We deliver a robust automated trading experience by equipping every strategy with a polished and pre-tested strategy code framework.

Essential features, included.

Precise implementation of your trade entry/exit logic and other requirements, no matter the complexity

Self-healing error handling to minimize disruption

Robust order handling internals for reliable real-time behavior

Lag detection and auto entry shutoff

Efficient code design for optimal performance and stability

Extendable, future-proof code design for easier strategy changes and additions

Bonus features, included.

Profit history

View historical strategy performance directly on the price chart

Profit protection

Halt trading based on predefined profit/loss thresholds, a trailing draw down, or consecutive wins/losses

Custom trading times

Choose on what days and at what times trades are taken

Strategy status display

Stay informed about the current and past status of your strategy

Real-time alerts

Stay in-the-know with real-time email alerts and updates

Meet 100% of your needs

Need additional features? We’ll build them for you

The process is simple.


We’ll discuss your vision and a plan to materialize it.*


   We’ll write the code to fully implement your trading concept.


   You’ll receive your deployment-ready strategy.

*Non-Disclosure Agreement available.

Our way of doing business.


Leverage our expertise with confidence knowing that your trading IP is kept confidential and never used by anyone but you.

Dependable Support

Rest assured that we’re here to responsively support your code and evolving needs into the future.

Our Bug-Free Guarantee

We stand by our work and commit to resolve any incorrect strategy behavior that is found at any time, free of charge.


What trading platforms do you program for?

We program exclusively for NinjaTrader due to its unparalleled custom development and trading automation capabilities. Automated trading systems can be built for a variety of instruments and asset classes, including futures, equities (stocks) and forex (Full list of market data providers).

Is my trading concept kept confidential?

Yes. We guarantee complete confidentiality of all proprietary client information and ideas and include a Non-Disclosure Agreement in every project Services Agreement for your peace of mind.

Do you trade your clients' strategies yourself?

No. We take privacy and IP protection very seriously and will never trade a client’s strategy without expressed consent.

Will you reverse engineer someone else's strategy for me?

We will never compromise someone’s intellectual property. To help uphold this, we require our clients to provide specifications for the project (requests to reverse engineer third-party assemblies for use as project specifications are not acceptable).

How much do you charge?

We provide fixed-cost quotes tailored to each project, with 50% due up front and the remainder due at the time of software delivery.

What's the project turnaround time?

We are able to deliver most projects in 2-4 weeks.

Do you program indicators?
Yes, we accommodate indicator needs for strategy projects. Individual indicator projects are accepted on a case-by-case basis.
Do you program semi-automated strategies?
Yes, we accommodate both fully-automated and semi-automated trading needs.
Do you accommodate software vendors/resale?

Yes, we have extensive experience and capability to produce software intended for resale, including state-of-the-art code obfuscation and an automatic product licensing and distribution solution.